About Us

Who we are

Gaming Loot is an exciting new competition website that focuses on gaming related prizes. It's our goal to offer you realistic odds to win some top of the line prizes for as little as £0.99!

Why Choose Gaming Loot?

You're probably asking what makes us different from the million other competition websites? Gaming Loot is first and foremost tailored towards competitive gamers. We understand the market and will always have exciting prizes that’ll be geared towards you try hard gamers looking to squeeze that extra 10% of performance that can make all the difference between winning and losing.

Our Promise

We will NEVER extend the closing date of a competition as we very much believe in complete transparency with our customers. The prizes we offer are guaranteed to be drawn exactly when we advertise them if they don’t sell out, with no sneaky terms and conditions to give cash alternatives instead.


Feel free to join the discord where you'll be able to have your say on the next prizes or just chill out and play some games with the community.  Hope to see you all soon!