Terms & Conditions


Promoter: Gaming Loot Ltd - Company number: SC670175

Website: www.gamingloot.co.uk

Competition: Events that are shown on the website with a chance to win a prize in accordance to the terms and conditions.

Entrant: Any person at least 18 years of age who participates in a competition on this website to receive a prize.

Prize: Each competition will have a defined prize that will be made known to the entrant before they decide to participate in the competition.

Entry: The act of answering the multiple choice question in the competition and submitting the answer to the promoter.  An entry will be deemed successful if the answer to the multiple choice question is correct.

Winner: For each entrant that is successful in their competition entry, a prize will be given at random to one of these entrants.


The competition is operated solely by the promoter.  Entrants must be aged 18 or over and reside in the United Kingdom only.

The entrant agrees to provide the promoter their contact details, including a valid email address and phone number which shall be used to contact the winner after the competition has ended.

The entrant agrees to have their name published on the website if they are the winner of a prize.  This will be used in the "Winners" page to keep track of previous winners for marketing purposes.

The entrant must ensure that they do not contravene any laws in their country of residence. The promoter will not have any liability if an entrant is found to be  unlawful.  English law governs this competition and all matters relating to this competition will be resolved under English Law, the Courts of England will have exclusive jurisdiction.  The promoter reserves the right to disqualify an entrant if there are reasonable grounds to believe that an entrant has no legal right to participate in the competition.

The promoter does not guarantee the value of the prize.  The entrant takes full responsibility to investigate the value of the prize if any doubts should arise.

By participating in a competition, the entrant agrees to these terms and conditions.



Competitions can be entered through the website which has a complete list of all available competitions. 

The entrant will be asked to answer a multiple choice question when they have selected their competition and also to choose how many entries they would like to purchase. 

The entrant can not purchase more than 15 tickets unless the competition itself specifies a different number.  A free postal entry route is described in detail further below.

The entrant must be at least 18 years of age to enter any competition hosted by the promoter.

No refunds shall be granted after entry unless an entry is received due to a technical error after a competition has already closed.

Competition Closing

A competition will close when all of the advertised tickets have been sold or on the competition end date.

If the competition end date is reached and there is still unsold tickets, the draw will happen regardless.  The closing date that is specified at the start of the competition will not change.

There will be never be an extension to the end date in the promoters competitions.

Choosing a Winner

A list of successful entrants and their corresponding ticket numbers will be emailed to all participating entrants at least 24 hours before the draw date and the same list will be made available on the website.

The draw date will be announced on Facebook and it will be included in the email that goes out to the entrants.

On the draw date, a Facebook live stream will take place where the winner will be chosen at random using Googles random number generator.

The winner will then be contacted via the email address and phone number that they provided at the point of entry to arrange delivery of the prize.  If the winner is unresponsive for 28 days, the promoter will conduct a new live draw to select an alternative winner and the original winner will forfeit their prize.  This process will repeat for as many times as necessary to allocate a winner to the competition.

Winner's Responsibilities

The winner will be asked to take a picture of the prize received while holding the promoter's banner.  This will be used in promotional material for the website.

The winner will provide proof of identification on delivery of the prize.  Any failure to do so may result in the prize being returned to the promoter and a new winner being drawn.  In such circumstances, the previous winner will not be entitled to a refund.  


Delivery of the prize to the winner will be free of charge and will be sent within 7 days of the winner responding to the promoter. 

The courier will be determined by the promoter depending on the value/fragility of the goods. 

The goods will be insured against the event that they are damaged in transit to the winner.  If such damage does occur, the winner should get in contact with the promoter in no more than 2 days after the prize has been signed for.

Prize Warranty

The promoter does not offer any warranty for the prizes.  For certain prizes, the manufacturer may offer a warranty.  It is the winners responsibility to pursue the warranty with the manufacturer in this case.

Postal Entry

If the entrant wishes to enter a competition via a free postal entry then you must send an unenclosed postcard via First Class post stating the following:

  • Competition name
  • Answer to the multiple choice question
  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Postal Address
  • Email address
  • Phone number

This should be sent to the following address: 

Gaming Loot Ltd
Clyde Offices
2nd Floor
48 West George Street
G2 1BP

Postal entrants must have a registered account on our website at the time the free entries are processed which will be every Monday.  Postal entries are limited to one entry per competition per account.

Bulk entries in one envelope will not be accepted as multiple entries and if a bulk entry is received, it will be counted as one single entry

The details on the postcard will be verified against the records the promoter holds against the entrant.  If there is a mismatch, the postal entry will be deemed invalid.

For the avoidance of doubt, a postal entry will be treated in the same way as a paid entry after the verification process.


The promoter reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions at any time.  It is the entrant's responsibility to check the terms and conditions prior to entry.

The promoter will not be liable for any loss suffered to or sustained by any person or property as a result of any act or omission of the promoter.  The entrant accepts full responsibility of verifying the accuracy of any such details on the website.

The competition rules will not be construed as a contract, joint venture or other agreement between the entrant and the promoters.